Christoph Meyer and Lisa Moster moved to lovely Knox County Ohio in late 2000 when Lisa became partners in a dental practice in Danville. They bought a little house in Millwood where there son, Herbie was born in May 2001. There they lived until one day they noticed the partially renovated Mill in nearby Howard was for sale. "Hmmmm," they thought, "could we buy that mill and live there?" They could! And they did!

The renovations to the top half of the mill (their house) are nearing completion and they now have their sights set on the bottom half, where Big Red Mill Coffee Shop/Cafe/DIY gift shop will open in the spring of 2010. When we're open please stop on by if you're in central Ohio, but until then please enjoy our little online store.

Christoph has been publishing Twenty-eight Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine since 2002.


If you have any questions about Big Red Mill or the stuff we sell, feel free to e-mail us. Do not, however, try to send electronic mail to Christoph Meyer. If you want to talk to Christoph, you'll have to write a real letter.

TELEPHONE: Big Red Mill does not yet have a phone number, but it will someday.

Big Red Mill
23424 Coshocton Road (Down)
Howard, OH 43028


We try to get our orders out daily. If there will be a delay of a week, I'll post a notice on the front page. The time it takes for you to get your order will depend mostly on your shipping preference. If you choose Media Mail (for zines, books, comics and CDs) you'll get cheaper shipping but it could take longer.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

If you want to return something within 30 days you can if the product is still in the good condition. Before any return, please contact us to let us know what you are returning and why. You will be responsible for the postage to get it to us and we'll refund you once we receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If people frequently ask us questions we'll be sure to post the answers here.
Big Red Mill 23424 Coshocton Road (down) Howard, OH 43028