Welcome to our new website!

BigRedMill.com is temporarily closed. Christoph is hiking The Long Trail in Vermont and the website will reopen after he returns. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Tons of handmade items by cool people are now available on this website and more are being ordered every week. Big Red Mill will soon be chocked full of all sorts of handcrafted miscellany. We buy directly from artists and hope to provide them an outlet to sell their wares while providing our customers with a place to shop for all sorts of interesting, handmade stuff.

Big Red Mill is also selling "28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine" and all the creations of Big Red Mill Publishing and Christoph Meyer.

The Big Red Mill is a 1871 grain mill located in Howard, Ohio. Once a center for local grain shipping, the railway has now been converted to a foot and bike path called the Kokosing Gap Trail, which runs from Mt. Vernon to Danville. We're at the 9 mile marker.

The top half of Big Red Mill is the home of Christoph and Lisa Meyer, and their son Herbie. Lisa is a dentist in nearby Danville. Christoph is a writer and runs Big Red Mill Publishing and creates 28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine. Herbie is a second grader who likes to play with legos and ride his bike (and write! Buy his zines and comics here). The top half of Big Red Mill is almost fully renovated and they will soon turn their attention to the bottom half which will be transformed into a coffee shop/cafe/DIY general store. The general store will sell all the cool stuff that's on the website plus much more.

Big Red Mill News:

July 2010: The Big Red Mill Store is temporarily closed. Christoph will be hiking The Long Trail in Vermont and possibly some of the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The store WILL reopen, probably in late August. Thanks.

April 4th, 2010: BIG NEWS! The president of the local Great Lakes Chapter of S.P.O.O.M stopped by our mill. He told us all all about his fine organization and we joined immediately! "What's S.P.O.O.M.?" you ask. It's a top secret organization of vigilantes who are tired of corruption and bureaucratic bullshit so we hit the streets and take justice into our own hands! No, wait... I've said too much. It's actually just the Society for the Preservation Of Old Mills. It's just a bunch of mill owners who try to take care of old mills and grind grain and stuff.

March 10th, 2009: The 3rd floor renovations are halfway done. I have a temporary internet connection in my house now so I can fill all orders quickly- usually the following morning. We're racing to get things completed before the new baby, due on April 20th. I'll have a new issue (#15) of 28PLBwT out before then.

January 9th, 2009: Big Renovations are now happening at BigRedMill and it's going to effect this website. We've just finished putting in the outside staircase and right now we're completely gutting the third floor for a complete renovation. The 3rd floor was were my office was (and my internet connection) so I won't be able to check this website daily to fill your orders. I will visit a computer once or twice a week to check for orders, but there may be a short delay (3 or 4 days, a week at the most) before an order gets shipped. This will only be temporary. Our new baby is due in April and we're gonna have the renovations to the top half of the mill done by March at which time I'll have convenient internet access again. I'm working a little graphic novel type project. It's a sequel of sorts to The Heart Star and will be published by Parcell Press. Yay.

Nov. 5th, 2008: New items are being added to the website every week. I now have 3 issues of 28PLBwT that I need to get published and mailed out. Right now I'm laying out an issue with Herbie, which will be 28PLBwT #15. We're doing a small first printing of 500 or so copies, all with original, one of a kind, hand-made covers. They'll probably cost $5 each but if you subscribe now you'll get one with your subscription. In other news, we're expecting our second child in April. Herbie's excited about being a big brother and Lisa and I are excited to have a bigger family. And renovations to the mill are progressing...we've taken down a leaning stone wall and are reusing the stone to do some landscaping and make some flower bed up top at street level (the 4th story), along with creating a separate staircase for future customers.

Sept. 22nd, 2008: The store is now open. 28PLBwT #14 is now on sale for $3. I'm back from my Appalachian Trail hike. No, i didn't hike the whole thing. Yes, I had a great time. This website is new so all of the products and features are not yet up. If you have any trouble or questions you can contact Big Red Mill via electronic mail at Staff@BigRedMill.com. ___________________________________________________________________________________


Greeting Cards from Sappycards * "Mixed Reviews" by Aaron Cometbus * "Things are Meaning Less" by Al Burian * "Famous Whales" by erinfection, "dreamwhip" #14 by bill brown, "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" by Christoph Meyer, "Applicant" by Jesse Reklaw, "XXVIII Chapters Hastily Written and Bound by Some Stapling Contaption at Some Yet to be Determined Printshop" (a.k.a 28PLBWT #15) by Christoph Meyer, "Molly the Popsicle" written by Herbie Meyer illustrated by Christoph Meyer * "Put The Fun Between Your Legs" silk-screened T-shirt * "A Safety Lesson with Natural Gas Joe" by Christoph Meyer *"The Heart Star" by Christoph Meyer * 28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Floss (the dental issue) * Mean Zine Submarine by Herbie Meyer * "You Can't Hug with Nuclear Arms" silk screened T-shirt * Jail Cell Barcode 1" Pin * I Heart Tofu sticker * Put the fun between your legs sticker * I read zines heart sticker * I read zines cloth patch * anatomical heart patch * Mushroom crucifixion collage * Pretty Mirror and Ugly Mirror set * Picture of a label maker Picture * the pedal power DONT STOP patch * tea bag patch * skull & crossbones patch *